On the importance of working hours

Hello, I am a man in my 50s and I work as a human resources manager. Today I would like to talk about the importance of working hours.

Importance of working time management

Working hours are an important factor directly related to employee productivity. Proper working time management is essential to increase work efficiency and maintain employees’ work-life balance.

Working hours and work efficiency

Efficient working time management optimizes work performance. Long working hours do not necessarily mean high productivity. In fact, short, focused work hours may be more effective.

Work-life balance and working hours

Working hours have a direct impact on an employee’s work-life balance. Excessively long working hours can have a negative impact on employees’ health and social life, which can ultimately lead to decreased organizational productivity.



Proper working time management plays an important role in increasing employee satisfaction and improving the productivity of the entire organization. We must always remember that working hours are not just a number, but an important factor directly related to the quality of life of employees.

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