Learn more about what a cadastral map is

A cadastral map is a map that visually displays important information about land and real estate.

In this post, we will summarize in detail the concept, history, purpose of use, production process, and importance of cadastral maps.

What is a cadastral map?

A cadastral map is a document that generally displays information related to land ownership, boundaries, area, use, etc. on a map. These maps are primarily used for cadastral and legal purposes and play an important role in both the public and private sectors.

The history of cadastral maps

The history of cadastral maps is deep and diverse. Many civilizations used documents similar to cadastral maps for land ownership and management. However, the modern concept of cadastral maps has been developed since the 19th century and expanded into digital form with the development of geographic information systems (GIS). 지적도무료열람

Purpose of using cadastral maps

real estate transaction

A cadastral map is one of the key elements of a real estate transaction. An essential tool for sellers, buyers, real estate agents and legal advisors to verify land boundaries and owner information.

Taxation and Real Estate Management

Cadastral maps are used by tax authorities to tax and manage real estate. It helps levy taxes and manage real estate data based on land value and use.

Urban planning and development

Urban planners and developers use cadastral maps to efficiently plan and develop urban land. This allows us to regulate urban development and create a sustainable urban environment.

environmental conservation

Cadastral maps are also used in environmental conservation activities. Information on land boundaries and uses helps protect the natural environment and manage ecosystems.

Cadastral map production process

surveying and surveying

Creating a cadastral map involves surveying and measuring the land. Professional surveyors and surveyors accurately measure land boundaries and collect geographic information.

data processing

The collected data is processed in digital form. This makes cadastral maps computerized and easier to manage.

Production of cadastral maps

The processed data is converted into cadastral maps using cadastral mapping software. This process determines the design, scale, and details of the cadastral map.

The importance of cadastral maps

Establishing ownership

Cadastral maps are essential to clearly confirm property ownership. Defines owners and boundaries, helping prevent and resolve ownership disputes.

urban planning

Planning and development of cities and regions are based on cadastral maps. Cadastral maps can help guide sustainable development of cities.

law and government

Legal and government authorities use cadastral maps to handle real estate matters and levy taxes.


Cadastral maps play an important role in various fields, including land and real estate management, real estate transactions, urban planning, and environmental conservation. For this reason, cadastral maps are more essential in modern society, and are being used more efficiently with the advancement of digital technology.

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