CH Satin's Clown'N Around CDX x GCH Rockstar's Whole Lotta Trouble CGC
Whelping: 1/16/14          BAER: Unilateral
Color: Black/white

Bono started his show career with RWD at the Dalmatian Club of the Piedmont's specialty, under Judge Jean Meader. His wins include a major at the Hendersonville KC show, under Judge Susan St. James Brown, a 2nd major at the Tennessee Valley KC, under Judge Joe Walton, handled by Kristen Apodaca, and a 3rd major at the Furniture City KC, under Judge Robert Stein. Bono has also taken BOB over specials under Judge Denny Mounce.

Bono finished his championship by taking WD, handled by Kristen Apodaca, and BOW, handled by his owner Erin, for his 4th major, at the Greater Monroe KC, 4/1/17, again under Judge Susan St. James Brown.

Now it is baby sister Ali's turn!

Bono is owned by Berry and Erin Ray.